n. & v.
1 a stout cord made by twisting together strands of hemp, sisal, flax, cotton, nylon, wire, or similar material. b a piece of this. c US a lasso.
2 (foll. by of) a quantity of onions, ova, or pearls strung together.
3 (in pl., prec. by the) a the conditions in some sphere of action (know the ropes; show a person the ropes). b the ropes enclosing a boxing- or wrestling-ring or cricket ground.
4 (prec. by the) a a halter for hanging a person. b execution by hanging.
1 tr. fasten, secure, or catch with rope.
2 tr. (usu. foll. by off, in) enclose (a space) with rope.
3 Mountaineering a tr. connect (a party) with a rope; attach (a person) to a rope. b (absol.) put on a rope. c intr. (foll. by down, up) climb down or up using a rope.
Phrases and idioms:
give a person plenty of rope (or enough rope to hang himself or herself) give a person enough freedom of action to bring about his or her own downfall. on the rope Mountaineering roped together. on the ropes
1 Boxing forced against the ropes by the opponent's attack.
2 near defeat. rope in persuade to take part. rope into persuade to take part in (was roped into doing the washing-up). rope-ladder two long ropes connected by short crosspieces, used as a ladder. rope-moulding a moulding cut spirally in imitation of rope-strands. rope of sand delusive security. rope's end hist. a short piece of rope used to flog (formerly, esp. a sailor) with. rope-walk a long piece of ground where ropes are made. rope-walker a performer on a tightrope. rope-walking the action of performing on a tightrope. rope-yard a rope-making establishment.
1 material obtained by unpicking rope-strands, or used for making them.
2 a piece of this.
3 a mere trifle.
Etymology: OE rap f. Gmc

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